Dear Bio-identical Option Patients,

There have been recent changes in compounding pharmacies across the nation.  Your right to choose a more natural approach in hormone replacement therapy is worth fighting for.  Laws and regulations are put into place by DEA and State Board of Pharmacies to protect you, the patient.  Sometimes those laws and regulations don’t make it very convenient for the Doctor, pharmacy or the patient.  However, your right to choose the more natural approach is worth the extra step that is now required.

Solutions Pharmacy, according to DEA regulations, is required to ship Testosterone pellets directly to you instead of the doctor’s office.  It is imperative that we have the correct shipping address for you.  We will all have an essential role in making this new transition go as smooth as possible.  See below for your part.

Patients are responsible for:

1.  Making sure the physician knows which address to give the pharmacy for shipment of pellets each time you are getting a pellet implant.  For example; if you have a winter home, make sure we know where you want Solutions Pharmacy to address the pellets for proper shipping.

2. Do not open the little white box that the pellets are shipped in.  Bring it into the physician’s office, and we will open it so we can check to make sure the pellet is what we ordered for you.

3. Inside the little white box will be your tamper-free baggy of pellets, under no circumstances are you to open the baggy, this must be opened by the physician only.

4. Your physician’s office has paid for the pellets ahead of time for your convenience, should you decide not to get your pellets for any reason, please bring the pellets into the physician’s office so they can ship the testosterone pellet, which is a controlled substance, back to the pharmacy for proper disposal, and receive a credit.

Make sure you have received your pellets before your appointment date.  Call the pharmacy at 1-800-523-1486 if you have not received them by the day before your appointment.  It may be necessary for you to reschedule your appointment if you haven’t received your pellets in time.

The physician’s office will no longer have any pellets in their office to do the procedure, so it is pertinent that you do not forget your pellets or assume the physician will have some.

We value you as a patient and want you to know we are aboard with any laws and regulations the DEA, FDA or State Board of Pharmacy may feel necessary to ensure your safety. Thank you in advance for your understanding of this new procedure.